Movies Like Acrimony


A faithful wife (Taraji P. Henson) tired of standing by her devious husband (Lyriq Bent) is enraged when it becomes clear she has been betrayed.

1. When The Bough Breaks

Movies Like When The Bough Breaks

Young, professional and successful, John and Laura (Regina Hall) Taylor desperately want to have a baby, but are unable to conceive. After exhausting all other options, the couple hire Anna, a beautiful young woman who agrees to become a surrogate mother for the Taylors. Everything seems fine and normal until

2. Indecent Proposal

Similar Movie Like Indecent Proposal

A rich businessman makes an offer of 1 million dollars to a young married couple for a night with the wife.

3. Obsessed

Things are on the up-and-up for Derek Charles. He’s just received a big promotion at work, and has a wonderful marriage with his beautiful wife, Sharon. However, into this idyllic world steps Lisa, a temporary worker at Derek’s office and things begin to get interesting.

4. Little Children


Sarah is a well-educated woman who cannot come to terms with her life as a housewife and mother. Brad, a stay-at-home dad, is married to a beautiful filmmaker and goes skateboarding instead of studying for the bar exam. The pair meet at a playground and…

5. The Call

Similar Movies Like The Call

A veteran operator for an emergency call-center, Jordan gets a call from a kidnapped teen. Jordan decides to take charge as never before and turns the girl into a partner in helping to save her life.